Bonnie Wildie

What I want to learn – 2019


What is the point of having a blog if one never posts? Honestly?

I can make as many excuses as I like (a look – when I recapped my 2018 it turned out to have been a huge year, so yeah, maybe, I’ve been a little busy) but ultimately it came down to writing posts not cutting through on the list of IMPORTANT STUFF TO DO. I’m trying to fix this this year. And I can think of no better place to start with the wonderful newCardigan GLAM blog club.

January’s theme is What I learned last year and/or what I want to learn this year. I’d hope that, for me at least, there is no linear ‘then’ and ‘now’ but more of a continuum of learning/implementation of learned goodness.

I was privileged last year to attend both the Wikipedia Tour Down Under seminar and DH Dowunder. While both of these are, in part, about learning all sorts of techie goodness, they are also part of a broader commitment I hope to make to the open social scholarship movement, with the aim of using my skills and knowledge to support open public knowledge infrastructure.

I also hope to get a little more radical in 2019. In 2018 I attended the ALIA Sydney Saturday School of Critical Librarianship, and facilitated an introductory session (This is one of those posts I keep promising to write – I WILL do it, I promise). Deploying critical theory in information studies (and in my cultural heritage work) feels natural to me – but this is possibly because I came into the information world from the humanities, where critical theory informed my approach. It just feels natural. This year I want to focus more on praxis, and the articulation of praxis. I want to be a more effective member of the community. (Also check out #sydcritlib and #critlib for more critical librarianship goodness).

I also hope that 2019 is a year of more writing. All sorts of writing. Getting on board the GLAM Blog Club is just that start.